Crystal Catering Creates

Moments that Move your Mission Forward

Crystal Catering has tremendous nonprofit event experience working alongside nonprofits to create the ideal event for your donors and shareholders. Every moment counts when you are focused on engaging donors, sharing your mission and growing your nonprofit. Our locations in downtown Indianapolis and  Keystone at the Crossing, make it optimal for your guests to attend no matter what side of town they are coming from. By choosing Crystal Catering, you will undoubtedly get a true champion in moving your mission forward on your unique day.

With our family of venues, you will be able to choose the right size, theme and overall fit for your event and your budget. Whether you choose a quaint breakfast buffet or a hip, full-service bar for your formal gala, we are here to provide you with everything you need in order to make the best decisions for captivating your stakeholders.

We understand that every detail is critical for your event. We offer a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet style options for your fundraisers. Buffet style dining can be very effective in providing a meet-and-greet atmosphere prior to your important presentation, where your guests can mingle or engage each other as they dine. Plated options provide a more upscale opportunity to pamper your guests at their tables while also keeping the focus on your important fundraising presentation. Your decor and food options are all critical to the success of your fundraiser and we ensure no detail is left unfinished. Nonprofits choose Crystal Catering for their cocktail parties, casino nights, silent and live auctions, progressive and other themed fundraising events to move their mission forward.

  • Full bar options with bartender(s)
  • Appetizer station or appetizer services
  • Buffet, banquet or plated style menu options
  • Linens and seating
  • Partners for your every need


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Are you ready to raise the bar?

If you are looking for ideas to start or change up an existing event, our consulting team will provide an array of creative and unique ideas that inspire others to attend and give. Lighting, decorations, programming, atmosphere and menu are all areas we can help you create a memorable experience.