7 Tips for Nonprofit Events

Here are a few tips for to keep in mind for your nonprofit or charity events and fundraisers:

1. Short and sweet – Longer is not always better. Consider hosting a short but powerful lunch lasting 55 minutes with powerful testimonies from the director, participants, volunteers, etc.

2. Smaller events between galas can make a difference – Small dinners and lunches, volunteer appreciation, donor attended program services, etc., can build powerful foundations for higher yields at galas.

3. Find a corporation willing to make your mission their mission – Many corporations are looking for purpose and passion. Searching for one to partner with you, in dollars, product, volunteers, sponsorship, and networking can be worth the time.

4. The goal of many nonprofits is impacting lives – Taking time to read, re-read and listen to the people whose lives you are impacting will keep you energized and focused.  Don’t underestimate the power of that day in and day out.

5. Relationships with people should be the primary focus of development – People can help in many ways including advice, labor, purpose, dollars, etc. Network and continue to meet new people interested in your cause.

6. Make volunteers visible by training your staff to see them as a critical part – Find out why they are there and you will find out more great reasons why your organization should continue to grow and prosper.

7. Quality not quantity – Flooding donors with communication is never the answer.  Focus your communication on impactful, moving or critical information at strategic times and your donors will open the email and read them!

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