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Before You Sign on the Dotted Line for Your Wedding Venue

Once you and your fiancé have chosen your venue, you will need to sign a contract. Be sure to cover your bases where this is concerned. Ask all the questions and read the fine print! Unexpected surprises and expenses cause a lot of undue stress and hurt your budget. Before you sign on that dotted line, it is time to get into the minutiae. We are going to be sure that task does not seem so daunting to you.

In case you missed Part One and Part Two in this three part series, read Before You Choose Your Venue and .





After you have gone through this very thorough checklist, you should feel assured that all the bases are covered regarding your venue. Now go ahead and sign on that dotted line and get started on planning the wedding of your dreams!

We wish you all the best on your upcoming nuptials. 

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