What is the Best Type of Catering Service for My Event?

You have chosen the event venue, and after a thorough search you have found the perfect caterer too. Your catering company is innovative, collaborative, and excited to explore unique event menu items.

Catering Event Options

Before heading into menu planning you will need to determine what type of event catering service is best suited for your event. The three main options include:

Each of these are workable for breakfast, lunch, or dinner service.

A plated meal is what most people refer to as a sit-down meal. Most often these are more formal events and generally more expensive. Plan for around two hours for a plated service meal. Buffets can take less time, work very well for breakfast, and lunch, and usually cost less. Be sure to make accommodations for any guest that would require assistance at the buffet stations. Finally, food stations are perfect for shorter events (e.g. evening networking events or cocktail receptions) prior to a sit-down meal.

Whatever type of event catering service works best for your event there are some points to remember while planning your meal.

Your Audience

Accommodate Your Guests

Menu Choices

And Now For The Fun Part...

Once you have landed on the type of meal you will be serving, it is time to get to the exciting part. Your professional catering team will be a bountiful resource of suggestions as you make your final decisions. Here are some innovative menu options we are seeing in the catering arena these days.

Buffet at a fall wedding in Indianapolis catered by Crystal Catering Naked Fig Catering - Artisan Cheese Garden of Eden Truffles Fine Foods Plated Menu Work lunch by Grateful Plate in Philadelphia, PA
Buffet Menus from Crystal Catering, Indianapolis Plant-Based Menu from Naked Fig Catering in New York City A Plated Dinner Menu from Truffles Fine Foods in Vancouver, British Columbia Cocktail Reception Catering from Grateful Plate Catering in Philadelphia